How Can I Treat Loose Sagging Skin?

Radio Frequency (RFD) tightens the skin by applying heat directly onto the treatment area to penetrate deep layers of the skin. The purpose is to stimulate the growth of collagen in the skin which will increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen is a natural protein found in the skin that gives it an elastic quality and keeps the skin firm. Over time, our skin produces less and less collagen. RFD treatment aims to stimulate collagen production in an effort to promote a naturally youthful appearance. RFD treatment can be applied to a variety of areas on the body including, but not limited to, the cheeks, chest, the mouth and jawline, under the eyes, the neck, the abdomen, and thighs. ProFraction Laser Treatment resurfaces skin in an effort to stimulate rapid healing and effectively grow new, healthy skin. Similar to RDF treatment, the Profraction Laser treatment also aims to stimulate collagen production to increase elasticity in the skin. However, this treatment option is also able to treat other skin concerns such as scarring and skin texture in addition to tightening the overall appearance of the skin. This treatment may be best for patients who need to improve both skin firmness and overall skin clarity. Both treatment options produce dramatic and long lasting results. To determine which option is best suited for you please schedule an individual consultation with one of our trained physicians and we can customize your treatment plan to best suit your needs. To learn more about Radio Frequency and Profraction Laser treatment, or to schedule your consultation at Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting, in Philadelphia, please fill out the form on this page or call 610.947.4322.