Prejuvenate and Revitalize with Moxi™ Laser

Introducing the MOXI™ Laser

MOXI is a non-ablative fractionated laser that creates tiny, microscopic, holes in the top layer of skin to stimulate collagen and promote healing.

MOXI is one of our most versatile lasers, effective at treating all skin types and colors. Not only does it prevent and reduce the signs of aging, it also improves the appearance of fine lines, pore size, texture and discoloration. It’s known for being one of the most gentle laser treatments on the market, delivering big results with minimal downtime. Patients with every skin tone looking to lighten, brighten and refresh their appearance will love MOXI.


What Makes MOXI Different

  • Effective at treating pigmentation

  • Improves fine lines and pore size

  • Improves and prevents early signs of aging

  • Safe for all skin tones, colors and types

  • Minimal downtime after each treatment


What to Expect from a MOXI Treatment

MOXI is so gentle it does not require an anesthetic, although we typically use a numbing cream and zimmer chiller to make it more comfortable for our patients. Since treatments leave behind minimal swelling, scabs or flakiness, it is often called the “perfect lunchtime facial.” Treatment times are usually eight to 12 minutes and it is safe to reapply makeup the day after treatment. Your recommended treatment protocol will depend on your unique goals for your skin. Generally, for ideal results, patients will need a series of three MOXI treatments. Many patients choose to have a MOXI treatment once or twice a year to maintain results and keep a glowing complexion.


Ideal Candidates for MOXI

MOXI is safe for people of any skin color and age. It is truly a great choice for almost anyone looking for smoother, more youthful looking skin. MOXI is effective at treating discolorations, melasma, texture irregularities and signs of aging. MOXI is ideally suited for “prejuvenating” the skin, making it less prone to developing premature signs of aging. Ideal candidates for MOXI are those who require minimal downtime.


Combine, Conquer and Correct

For people with more severe skin discolorations, combining MOXI with other lasers such as BBL™ or Discovery PIco treatments is a game changer, offering a huge reward with minimal downtime.


Recovering from MOXI Treatments

MOXI requires minimal downtime. Here is what you can expect after each treatment:


First few days

Redness generally increases in intensity for the first few days after treatment, with the third day usually being the most intense. Redness can persist for up to one week depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Five to seven days

The skin that was treated by MOXI may feel rough to the touch for a few days as your body regenerates new, healthy skin.

After one week

Your full results will begin to emerge and will continue to improve over time.


Choosing the Right Treatment for You

As a patient of Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting, you have access to one of the most diverse laser inventories in our area of the country. No matter what skin issue you would like to resolve, our board-certified dermatologists can recommend an array of solutions that will be fully personalized to your unique goals, lifestyle and budget requirements. Rather than being unhappy with your skin, schedule an appointment where you can learn how to achieve the skin of your dreams.

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