Excess Hair

Excess and unwanted hair affect both men and women. Women may want the convenience of not having to shave their legs, underarms or their bikini area. Similarly, men may want to remove chest, shoulder or back hair. Therefore it is no surprise that patients are turning to cosmetic procedures to help remove unwanted hair on their faces or bodies.

Treatment Options

This technology is designed to treat common signs of aging, including wrinkles, age spots, redness, and sun damage. Forever Young BBL™ can also treat excessive facial hair. BBL™ (Broad Band Light) is absorbed by the color in hair follicles, this heat energy is able to destroy the cells within the hair follicles and prevent future hair growth. This technology delivers lower pulses of light to the treatment area to heat hair follicles while protecting surrounding skin layers. This makes Forever Bare BBL™ a good treatment option for patients with darker skin tones. It will likely take multiple treatments to achieve optimal results, but after each treatment session, the hair will grow back less and less. You can expect 5 treatments, 1 month apart.

Laser hair removal remains one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments for both men and women. The procedure is safe, effective and requires no downtime. Treatments utilize concentrated light wavelengths to precisely target the pigmentation within the base of hair follicles. The root absorbs the energy causing it to rupture and eventually fall out. Until recently, laser hair removal was suited for patients with lighter skin tones and darker hair.

Enter Motus AX. The revolutionary procedure is the first of its kind to use the most advanced high-speed Alexandrite technology. Motus AX cuts treatment times in half while delivering double the energy. The laser is able to produce long-term results for all skin tones without the trade-off of pain, side effects, or recovery time.