How Do You Know If a Spot or Mole is Skin Cancer?

Summer is just around the corner, and you can’t wait to make the most of the warm sunshine. But before you book that vacation down at the shore, consider this: Do you know how you’re going to keep your skin protected from skin cancer this summer?

Part of keeping your skin protected means identifying if a spot or mole might be a sign of skin cancer. In most cases, a mole or spot is perfectly normal; however, staying vigilant about your skin’s health could make all the difference in catching skin cancer at the earliest stage possible.

Since May is Melanoma Awareness Month, we wanted to provide you with the tools that can empower you to stay vigilant with regards to your skin’s health. Take a look at the ABCDE method, which you can use to remind yourself of the signs of a spot or mole that might be skin cancer:

  • A – This letter stands for asymmetry, and is important for determining if you should have a dermatologist look at your mole or spot. If one side of the mole or spot doesn’t match the other, that’s a sign you should book an appointment.
  • B – B stands for the border of the mole or spot. Take a close look at the border – is it jaggy, uneven, or blurred? These are signs that your mole might be skin cancer.
  • C – C stands for color, and plays an important role in determining the health of a mole or spot. If the mole or spot has different shades of color or appears different from other spots or moles you have, book an appointment with your dermatologist right away.
  • D – This letter stands for diameter – the larger the spot or mole, the more likely it is that it’s a sign of skin cancer.
  • E – E stands for evolving; if the mole or spot is changing over time, you should get an appointment with your dermatologist.

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