How To Properly Care for Skin After Cosmetic Procedures

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Thanks to advancements in skin care and innovation in treatment technology, a wide range of cosmetic skin procedures are now widely available and more accessible than ever. In fact, according to the Aesthetic Surgery Society, cosmetic procedures in the United States increased by 54% in 2021 alone.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, whether it be a simple chemical peel or a facial surgery, post-procedure skin care is critical to optimizing your results and minimizing the risk of complications. Our providers at Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting are committed to helping you minimize recovery time and maximize results with personalized guidance through every step of your treatment.

The Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting Approach

At Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting, we’re proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures right here in our office, including:

Our team of board-certified dermatologists is committed to your holistic care from the initial consultation to the post-procedure follow-up. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you’re informed and taken care of.

General Post-Procedure Care Guidelines

When you receive a cosmetic treatment in our office, our team will always take the time to sit down with you and discuss your post-procedure care instructions. However, there are some general guidelines you can expect to follow after any cosmetic procedure.

First and foremost, be patient. Even in a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, the skin will need some time to heal naturally and adjust. You can expedite this process by avoiding direct sun exposure on treated areas and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Likewise, be sure to keep the treated area clean at all times to avoid infection. Your provider can provide recommendations for specific cleansers, sunscreens, and other products from trusted brands like Skin Better Science and Alastin Skincare.

Specific Care for Different Types of Procedures

Below are some general aftercare instructions for common cosmetic procedures performed in our office. Above all else, though, be sure to follow your provider’s guidance.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion

Following this type of treatment, it’s best to avoid active skincare ingredients (such as retinol) for a few days. Likewise, stay away from excessive heat sources (such as saunas) and be sure to moisturize appropriately. 

Worried about recovery time? If you have an upcoming beach vacation or other event, your provider can provide guidance to help you time your procedure properly.

Laser Treatments

Following a laser cosmetic treatment, stay out of the sun as much as possible for the first few days. If you need to be out in the sun for any period of time, use a recommended sunscreen. 

As the skin heals, avoid picking or scratching at the treated area. Use soothing gels or creams as recommended to relieve itchiness and/or irritation.

Not sure which laser treatment is right for you? Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting offers a wide range of options, including PicoSure and MOXI, to help you achieve your desired results. Consult with your provider for a personalized recommendation.

Fillers and Botox

After getting fillers or Botox, avoid strenuous activities for one to two days and be sure to keep the area clean. Do not rub or massage the treated area until your dermatologist gives you the all-clear.

Facial Surgeries

After facial surgery, it is important to keep the head elevated and use cold compresses as needed to reduce swelling. Likewise, follow all pain management and wound care guidelines to minimize discomfort and infection risk.

Signs You Should Reach Out to Your Dermatologist

Following your dermatologist’s post-procedure care instructions will drastically minimize your risk of complications. However, although rare, there is always a slight risk of complications, and you should be aware of the symptoms to watch out for.

If you experience any of the following symptoms after your cosmetic procedure, reach out to your dermatologist right away:

  • Excessive swelling
  • Prolonged redness
  • Signs of infection
  • Other unexpected reactions

The Role of Quality Products in Post-Procedure Care

The right skin care products can also make all the difference in your post-procedure recovery. Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting is proud to offer a range of recommended post-procedure products that aid in healing and maintaining results. By trusting our clinically-backed products and recommendations from our dermatologists, you can rest assured that you’re giving your skin what it needs to properly heal, recover and maintain optimal results.

Contact our team for personalized product recommendations.

Routine Maintenance and Long-Term Care

How long your results will last will depend not only on the specific procedure you had done and your aftercare but on your long-term skin care and maintenance as well. To prolong the results of your cosmetic procedure, it’s important to get into a healthy skin care routine and regimen that includes daily sun protection, moisturizer and weekly exfoliation. Likewise, regular check-ups and consultations with our dermatologists can make all the difference.

Questions? Get in Touch With Our Team

The long-term results of any cosmetic procedure rely heavily on how well the patient follows post-procedure instructions for skin care — so be sure to take this seriously and ask your dermatologist if you have any questions or need clarification.

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